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A Modern Mews


The change in ceiling height (for the air conditioning) suggested a division into separate areas, which I marked with the transparent barrier of a slender, silvered steel grille. Against this I placed one wing of a huge L-shaped sofa with cushions in various bold-print fabrics. Above, my 'Art': tiny pre-Columbian gold ornaments that I photographed in a museum.


The dining/study area, with a bookcase in pale sycamore, uprights inlaid with strips of mirror. The intriguing cylindrical objects on the shelves are old wallpaper-printing rollers, hundreds of which surfaced in London at the time, after yet another old manufacturing business went bust. Around my circular ebonised oak table are Thar armchairs covered in a bold print fabric.


Bedside tables and chest of drawers are my designs in black oak-framed mirror. On the chest stand more unemployed wallpaper rollers.


A small second bedroom was furnished to double as a study, with bookcases in black oak, lined with white lacquer, framing an eye-confounding mirrored alcove which held a daybed holding more bold-print cushions.


Detail of my coffee table, in sycamore and bog oak. On it is one of my black trays with red-enamelled metal coral handles that I had made in India.


Opposite the sofa was a huge plasma TV on the wall, below which I placed this demilune cabinet of my design, with my gilded Ring handles on the doors, to hold the various bits of TV and audio equipment. On top, the nice contrast of a piece of rough, twisted driftwood.


A detail of my Vase handle in black-stained oak.


A corner of the same room, with a small version of my Sabre desk, above which hangs another of my 'Art' printed canvases - a 70's glamour photo tinted so dark that it almost matches the seaweed-green curtains. At left, my Sheaf armchair.


The typically dark mews interior (windows only at one end) was saved by recalling my father's dictum that dark spaces should be made darker, and persuading the client to have David Hicks-style Coca-Cola lacquered walls against which other colours - and people - always sparkle. The client didn't approve of my Gold artworks, though, so they were swapped for some Coral ones.


The bed had a very chic cover with piping and inset band of chocolate suede. On the chest, the photograph frame was one of a series that I designed for Allegra's shop with stylised coral motifs in different wood veneers.


My Ring handle, gilded.


In this picture, the wall around the door from a minuscule entrance lobby was covered in mirror, with mirror-topped consoles from Villiers Brothers.