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Custom Tabletop Totem Sculptures

Ashley Hicks Tabletop Totem Sculptures, hand-sculpted in polymer clay,  available through custom order, are now currently available for purchase online.


ashley hicks custom totem pole rough sketch

Streamlined Customisation Process

  • Ashley will create three rough colour sketches, from which you will choose one.  As an aside, Ashley always makes items a bit brighter than the room with at least one contrasting colour, and it generally includes 4-5 totem elements (sculpted pieces and hand-made wooden base), for a total height ranging between 40 and 60 cm.  
  • Once the colour sketch has been approved, Ashley will hand-sculpt the totem elements, paint them, and assemble them, at which point we will ship the item to you.  Please note that the shapes depicted in the rough sketch are an approximation, and Ashley reserves the right to vary a shape if he feels that, once he has assembled the totem, that there are aesthetic improvements that need to be made.
  • Price - £1,900 (including shipping and handling)
  • An initial deposit of £900 is required to initiate the process and commission the rough sketches.  The remaining balance of £1000 will be paid upon completion of the sculpture, and upon receipt, the sculpture will be sent to the client via international ground shipping.