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This large room had an ugly beam off-centre; I designed the mirrored cupboards to minimise its effect, and give the room a slight feel of 30's Savoy glamour. Off-white silk curtains and cream leather-topped X-Frame Ottoman. I created the 'art' for this flat, printed canvases, this one of a green-stained Surrealist beauty.


The bedroom had mirrored wardrobes and furniture, including the bedside tables with mirror-fronted drawers. Over the bed, my 'art': a nude framed by African Kuba cloth. The armchair is covered in David Hicks by Ashley Hicks Certosa.


A narrow galley-style kitchen and a small dining-room were knocked into one much better room, with this dining area by a fireplace between my cupboards lined with fabric. More of my 'art', a page from an old encyclopaedia with a photograph of a frosty leaf that I took in the country.


The cooking area was done in natural oak with a mirrored splashback that opened the space even further. On the wall, an old photo of a French Art Deco room, tinted green.


Originally furnished with a bold, green needlepoint rug that the clients found a little too strong, we swapped it with a cream one, as seen here. The library shelving to the left was divided with vertical strips of mirror.


Four of my bronze snakes met at the centre of each mirrored cupboard, framed in black-stained oak.


A chest of drawers, mirror framed in black oak, that I designed with cut-out pulls that make vase shapes when reflected. Above it hangs another piece of my 'art', this time a big Magnolia Grandiflora flower, reflected, like the handles. Beside the metallic plastic TV are some metal rosewater-sprinklers or Gulabpashi that I bought at a market in Lahore.


The flat originally had just one mean, small bathroom. I persuaded the client to sacrifice a third bedroom in order to have a new bathroom of comfort and beauty. This I made oval, panelled in a blockwork of birch plywood, with a stone floor that continued into the walk-in shower.