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Allegra Hicks Shops


Facing the entrance was a curving screen of panels wrapped in Allegra's furnishing fabrics, framing display shelves. In front of this, a curved bench was intended as a comfortable place for husbands to wait while wives shopped.


The walls were lined with mirror, with clothes hanging against endless reflections, off rails hung on the back of my white, coral-like resin columns.


Looking from the front of the shop to the back, where a shelf of smoked perspex, over the stairs to the basement display area and changing rooms, gave extra display space for my furniture. In the middle was a big elliptical unit with jewellery displays under a glass top.


When Allegra showed me the space for her New York store, long, narrow and dark, it was like a cave. With our shared love of coral, I thought of a dark, underwater cavern with angular silver canopies (raising the ceiling between beams), all in seaweed green against which her bright colours would glow, with columns of white coral off which the clothes would hang.


The first Allegra Hicks shop, a tiny space on Chelsea Green. The simple white box had curved shelves held up by my cast metal Slim table legs and a purple carpet. Outside was a big, 3D version of Allegra's Drop logo, made for me in silvered, hammered copper by a craftsman in Jaipur.


The space was broken up by display units in black oak lined with white lacquer.


The door to one of the changing rooms. My design of overlapping, falling drops - Allegra's logo - was carried out in silver leaf and black, white and turquoise high-gloss lacquer by the talented artists of DKT Studios.


Allegra's second shop, on Pont Street, was the lower floors of a house, whose rooms, complete with plasterwork and fireplace, we had to retain. I furnished the spaces with freestanding display units in drab grey with inlaid strips and panels of mirror, giving them a touch of 30's glamour. Over the chimney is a black oak mirror frame that I decorated myself with silver paint and upholstery nails.


The sales counter, with another design of falling drops in nickel upholstery nails on black oak.